Western Red cedar is a highly common wood choice  for exterior siding projects. Known for it beauty, dimensional stability, natural preservative nature and resistance to weather tempering, Western Red cedar is routinely chosen by contractors, architects and homeowners as a preferred siding wood.


Benefits of Western Red Cedar


• Western Red Cedar is a stable soft wood, boasting nearly twice the stability of other common softwoods. Cedar’s low density structure allows it to lie flat and stay straight for its life, and it holds fastings well.


• Western Red Cedar allows lightweight and relatively long lengths of timber. Because of the soft wood’s fine, straight grain structure and even texture, Western Red cedar is easy to cut, saw and nail with common tools.
• Because of this, Western Red cedar is easily planed to a smooth surface or milled to nearly any pattern.
• Western Red Cedar holds glue bonds and adhesives to provide a solid base for many types of paints and stains – which PacWood can pre-stain at our facility.


• Like other cedar species, Western Red boasts a natural resistance to some of the more harmful elements like moisture, decay and insect damage. This is a main reason Western Red Cedar has become the premier choice exterior siding.
• The preservatives found in the cedar fibers ward off decay fungi. Western Red’s ability to produce these the natural preservatives increases with the tree’s age, which establishes the outer regions of heartwood the most durable.


• Because of the classifications for flame spread and smoke development – which actually exceed the minimum requirements found in most building codes, Western Red Cedar can be used without preservation treatment.  That said, for preservation of the wood over time, we recommend pre-staining the wood prior to construction.

Weather Resistance

• Western Red Cedar is comfortable in the weathering found in the outdoors. When properly and thoroughly pre-stained, and even in inclement weather environments, Western Red Cedar will last for decades.
• As has been mentioned, it is naturally resistance to moisture (good for mountainous areas), decay and insect damage classify Western Red as the premier solution for a surface that is regularly exposed to all elements of the outdoors.

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Western Red Cedar