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Welcome to the contractor and home owner Resource page. Here you will be able to download some of the more popular publications and guides relating to lumber patterns and construction issues.

Downloads, Handbooks and Catalogs

  • Visit our Calculator page to calculate the lineal board feet of your wood product or the square footage of your gable end.
  • Or maybe you’re curious about the custom patterns we can mill at PacWood
  • You might also benefit from downloading resource guides and handbooks like the WUI Products handbook, American Softwood Lumber Standard voluntary standards, or the WWPA California fire standards and exterior wood products.

Factory Pre-Stained Lumber

At PacWood, we offer the choice to pre stain all the lumber we ship. After milling, our pre stain machine flood coats the wood, and then back brushes off the excess before it is placed under blowers to dry. Letting us pre stain your lumber is beneficial in a few ways:

    1. It’s better. Our pre staining system ensures the most even, complete stain coverage of your lumber and eliminates streaks, drip marks and the other negatives of on-site treatment.
    2. It’s cheaper. Having your lumber pre stained costs a fraction of what it will cost to do the job on site
    3. It’s already done. We stain your lumber before it leaves our facility. That means you don’t have to worry about unfortunate weather delays, no-show personnel or other common problems of on-site treatment.


Lumber Associations and Resources

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