Is Pine Right for You? offers a great selection of beautiful, aromatic pine wood from the heart of Northern California. Our home owner clients as well as contractors sometimes find pine to be the perfect choice for their interior trim. It’s a softwood, but pine tends to be stable, and the pine we mill can be easily manufactured into moulding in common sizes (6’ to 16’). In addition to the natural pine aroma, contractors and home owners routinely select pine for its balanced, uniform color.

Where Pine Should Be Used

As a softwood, pine isn’t typically used for cabinetry. Instead, pine can be used all over the house. Pine’s clear vertical grain makes for a great trim. A fairly knotty wood, Northern California pine also looks great in ceilings to provide a natural, custom cabin feel. We’ve also used it for flooring when home owners or contractors are looking for a distressed look. We’ve used chains and screwdrivers to scar it for that naturally distressed look before we ship the lumber.

Pine Recap

Northern California pine is a versatile softwood that’s great for trim and moulding, ceilings and floors with a distressed look. Pine also tends to be a reasonably priced wood, adding affordable, customized style and beauty to homes. At, we custom mill pine into 6 foot to 16 foot lengths of high quality moulding. We can mill to most patterns up to 12″ wide, including many custom patterns.

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