Doug fir is abundant in Northern California, where PacWood is located. This gives us access to high-quality lumber, and with our own delivery truck, we offer quality doug fir at a fraction of some of the other guys.


Why Doug Fir?

We find that Doug Fir is ideal for interior trim and moulding. Technically classified as a soft wood, doug fir is the hardest of all soft woods. Because of its hard nature, it holds nails and screws well and doesn’t typically crack or split. Also, doug fir is resistant to scratches and dents, which we find to be beneficial when used in high-traffic areas.

Doug fir has that warm look and feel to it, which immediately gives the interior of  the room a feeling of comfort. Additionally, it stains well and gives a contemporary, Pacific Coast feel.

When it comes to grain, doug fir is pretty versatile and comes in two grain styles. Vertical grain, sometimes called edge grain, has a tight grain pattern that delivers a consistent color. Conversely, the mixed grain, sometimes called a flat grain, has a pattern with a looser, wider grain and a light-to-dark color pattern.

Because of its hard nature and warm, comforting color, we find doug fir to be a continual top choice contractors, architects and homeowners go to for interior trim and moulding. Looking for a great deal on doug fir?

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