Cedar Siding: Is It Right for Me?

Cedar wood siding is a great option for contractors and homeowners looking for an attractive, durable wood exterior siding choice. Cedar is a beautiful soft wood that emanates a sense of timeless style and durability, and is the perfect choice for high-end homes. Contractors, architects and homeowners continually choose cedar as a preferred exterior wood siding.

PacWood offers a great selection of cedar siding and custom millwork at the lowest possible price. We have our own delivery truck, which cuts out the cost of the middleman, bringing you more savings. Our product line includes:

We can mill cedar to just about any pattern, and pre-stain the wood. If you’d like to examine some of our work, you can view our photo gallery or for a reference you can contact some of our partners for a recommendation.

Benefits of Cedar Siding

The benefits of cedar siding are many.
Attractive. One of the reasons cedar is so often chosen is because a home’s value starts with the first view. A house with rich, cedar siding gives the impression that the homeowners have taken care of the house and have taken the initiative to increase its value.
Durability. Any seasoned contractor knows that cedar is durable. It is, by nature, repellant of insects. Additionally, cedar is highly resistant to moisture and decay, making it a prime choice for homes in moist and shaded environments. Cedar has been used for centuries in some of the nation’s most prestigious homes and buildings because of its ability to withstand weathering that might negatively affect other inferior woods.
Repurposing. Cedar can be recycled, it can be regenerated, and because of that, it can be sustained. This is another benefit in comparison to the man-made materials that aim to mimic cedar wood siding – there is no renewability and unmatched sustainability with synthetic house siding alternatives.
Easy maintenance. Cedar does what you want it to do. Because of its incredible stability, cedar siding is known to lie flat, keep its form and be just the same as the day you installed it.
Safety. Cedar siding and shingles can be pretreated with fire retardant, which gives many homeowners added comfort. And yes, most communities in California accept cedar that has been pressure treated with fire retardant. Additionally, it has been found that cedar shingles can withstand wind up to 170 miles per hour.

PacWood specializes in delivering custom exterior siding and trim, and custom millwork. We offer the option of pre-staining your exterior siding and trim to help protect your investment.

Cedar Siding:

An Investment

Cedar comes in a variety of grains and milled patterns and is a worthy investment for your home. Cedar Siding not only immediately adds perceived value because of its aesthetic appeal, but actually increases the value of your home because of its structural integrity, beautiful coloring, anti-microbial properties and resistance to weathering.

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Cedar Siding