Cedar is considered low-density softwood, which means that cedar shakes and shingles feature an open cell structure. It’s naturally pleasant aroma often triggers the sense of a warm, comfortable environment. While often used to build closets, cedar shingles are often used for external siding.


Why Cedar Shingles?

Because cedar is a low-density softwood, cedar shingles are excellent at preventing heat transfer. This means they help keep the warm air in the cold winter months and the cool air in the hot summer months. It’s beautiful to look at, increases the street-view value of your home, and saves you money on your heating and air conditioning bills.

Better yet, cedar wood has natural properties that help make it sustainable to weathering. It’s naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, which means even if left untreated, it will be good at slowing the effects of warping, cracking and rotting. However, this does not mean it’s immune to weathering. Cedar shingles and shakes, if gone untreated, will over time darken in color. Because it is a natural wood product, not like the composites that are sometimes used in its place, we always recommend treating your cedar shingles. At www.sidingdirect.com, we offer pre staining on all our products.

Benefits of Pre-stained Cedar Shingles

  • Letting PacWood pre-stain your cedar shingles costs you less – usually about half of what is charged when stained on site.
  • The pre staining process, when done at our factory, provides the most thorough and uniform coverage, while helping to eliminate some of the common problems like: overspray, shrink lines, lap marks and streaking.
  • As we mentioned, thorough stain coverage gives maximum protection against cracks, warping and other signs of weather damage.
  • Our pre-stain machine uses a flood coat system to coat the wood, then back brush off the excess.
  • It’s easier. You don’t have to worry about weather delays, flaky personnel or any other variables to get your cedar shingles stained.
  • We take out the middle man to save you time, money and hassle.
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Cedar Shingles